Choosing the right pump is a very important decision for your swimming pool. The pump works with the rest of the equipment to keep your swimming pool running well. A good quality pump that is the right size for the pool will help the rest of the equipment to work optimally. Be sure you choose a pump with the appropriate hp for the size of your swimming pool—too small and it won’t work effectively, but too big and it will simply become less cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Recommended Products:

Pentair WhisperFlo The Pentair WhisperFlo is one of our favorite pumps. It's a high performance pump that suits any pool. State-of-the-art parts work together to move water more efficiently than any other high performance pump. From a convenience standpoint, the oversized strainer basket extends the amount of time between cleanings and the lid is transparent and easy to remove, making inspection and cleaning simple and quick.

Pentair SuperFlo Pentair's SuperFlo is quiet, efficient and very versatile. It's perfect for just about any pool. It moves water more efficiently for a lower cost thanks to innovative hydraulic engineering. SuperFlo will keep your pool clean and healthy without sending your energy bill soaring.

Hayward Super Pump The Hayward Super Pump is built to provide you with years of service without the hassle. It was designed to produce more overall flow while using less electricity, giving you great service without the high costs. Its casing design cancels out most of the noise, making it one of the quietest pumps you'll find.


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